The Children’s House teacher Siqueira is a social project founded in 1978, having emerged the need for a space for the children of the community and surrounding neighborhood Patience could remain so their mothers could work .

Today this project serves about 220 children and adolescents in school hours , where they play sports , artistic, cultural , academic support and referral as well as preparation for the job market , so having the opportunity to develop their talents and getting all the support for become protagonists of their own history .

Throughout all these years great achievements have been made . Many children who have gone through the project today are men and women of good, competent professionals , including some very successful , others began to contribute to the continuity of the work .

Believing in the importance of FAMILY , for the well being of children and adolescents , the project performs actions Supporting Family Member Employment and Income Generation and aimed at empowerment and strengthening family and community ties .

Currently the Children’s House , concerned with the principles of Integral Education , comes closer and their partnership with the school to provide a more pleasant and appropriate learning space, basing all his actions in a culture of peace , to build a better world , more fair and equal .